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2021-02-24 · Like opening an account with a traditional bank, you’ll need to provide Revolut with some personal information. This will include full legal name, home address, date of birth, nationality and

Select the date range and file format (PDF or Excel) of your statement. Next, tap 'Get statement' and you will be able to see your account history on your screen. 2019-04-02 Revolut is a brilliant digital bank that offers accounts in GBP and EUR with an attached prepaid bankcard. You can set up a bank account and operate it on your smartphone without the need for any physical infrastructure. You are only allowed to open a UK current account or Euro IBAN account and will also get a physical bank card. 2021-01-04 2019-09-10 1) Open your Revolut account and click Send 2) Select bank accounts 3) Select Business (you are sending funds to SwissBorg Solution OÜ unless you are using local payment in EUR) and input the requested information.

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You Might Want a Shared Account If you live with other people or you want to make finances easier with a long-term partner, a shared account might be something that’s beneficial.